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Sequin Unicorn

Sequin Unicorn


Flip-Out! Sequin Plush Play Unicorn
Adora Collection
Size: 20″ Dressed Vinyl/Cloth Doll

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1 in stock (can be backordered)

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Flip-Out! Sequin Plush Play Unicorn
Adora Collection

OooOoo! Flip-Out! Sequin Plush Play pillows are so magical, trendy and cute! These decorative pillows can be used as home décor, to play with, rest your head on and even as a stress reliever. The high quality sequins are reversable and reveal different colors when the mermaid-like scales are flipped up or down.

This unicorn sequin mermaid pillow has an oh-so-soft plush back that is so cuddly, children love to squeeze them tight. Flip-Out! Sequin Plush Play Unicorn has an ADORAbly magical face and ready to gallop over the rainbow!

Flip the sequins down for a magical white iridescent unicorn with a flowy magenta and blue main. Flip the color changing sequins up to find the unicorn pillow change to silver and the main switch colors! You’ll fall in love with the bright colors, patterns and even makes a unique gift for birthdays, parties and more!

Recommended for age 6+

Size: 15”l x 12.5”w x 2”d
Colorful, trendy & ADORAbly cute design
Swipe over sequins to reveal a different color or picture
Sparkly sequins flip up and down easily
Flip over sequins make writing and drawing easy
May help relieve stress and anxiety
Use for home décor, play, pillow and more
Makes a great gift!

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 11 × 6 in


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