The Celia Doll Company based in the UK, had become one of the finest producers of handmade porcelain and vinyl dolls and had established themselves as one of the market leaders. They are recognized for their innovative ideas in doll design. Celia Ashton began making rag dolls and clowns for her children about 30 years ago. This increased to family and friends and very soon she was supplying a large department store.

Celia Dolls are carefully handmade by skilled artists. Fine porcelain or vinyl, and individual hand painting create unique dolls that can be brought almost magically to life by simply tilting the head and posing the arms while the design and weight of body affords a variety of delightful sitting positions. One by one, each doll is dressed in delicate laces and silks, style their curls to suit their charm and character, put a twinkle in their eye and maybe even a tiny gold bell on their petty coat. Finally they are numbered and initialed on each head, issued a detailed hang tag certificate and every doll is packed in its own custom made box ensuring arrival to its new home in perfect comfort and safety.