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Emily Baby Doll

Emily Baby Doll


Anatomically-Correct Baby Doll Emily
Llorens Dolls
Doll Size: 15.7 inches

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Emily Baby Doll
Llorens Dolls

Baby girl Emily is the perfect first baby doll. She is dressed in a long-sleeved fleece creme onesie with coral and tan plaid heart on the front. Creme booties and plaid headband. Includes large matching swaddle blanket that folds up and secures or can be laid flat. Bright blue eyes and a smooth baby complexion. Adorable baby fingers and toes, baby rolls on belly and legs. This doll is anatomically-correct female. The white pacifier is attached to the dolls clothing with an teddy shaped clip. Includes plush baby swaddle blanket.

Baby doll play encourages nurturing and teach children about themselves and the world around them. In addition, fine motor and self-help skills are developed by dressing and undressing dolls. All Llorens dolls are designed and made in Spain. Fully jointed moveable vinyl doll made with soft, phthalate free vinyl. This baby doll does not cry. Clothes are made from high quality polyester and cotton fabrics and are finished with strong details. 15.7″.

Recommended for ages 3 years+.

At Llorens, we produce dolls designed to create feelings to educate boys and girls of different ages with a great variety of colours, sizes and accessories. The dolls are completely made in Spain with a meticulous design and top quality materials.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 13 × 8 in




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