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Girta Giraffe

Girta Giraffe


Girta Giraffe, Soft Cuddly Friends
The Steiff Collection
Collection: Plush

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5 in stock

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Girta Giraffe, Soft Cuddly Friends
The Steiff Collection

We’re pleased that Girta giraffe has joined the “Soft Cuddly Friends” family. Just like the real thing, our plush version has a cream-colored coat with dark brown spots and a brown mane. Her tiny horns and tail have little tufts of brown hair on the ends. Girta’s face and the soles of her feet are cream-colored, just like her horns and inner ears. Her mouth and nostrils have been embroidered in black. Bean bags sewn into her arms, legs, and bottom ensure that she can sit properly. With her amusingly long neck, Girta is a unique plush toy that stands head and shoulders above the rest!

Product details:
Material: Made of cuddly soft plush
Size: 7 inches
Color: Spotted Light Brown
Eyes: Safety eyes
Ear tag: Yellow tag; Stainless Steel “Button in Ear”
Joints & Pose: Crouching
Sound device: None
Care: Machine washable
Country of origin: Tunisia

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 9 × 7 in


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