The Zelia Doll from Brazil
Hearts For Hearts Girls
14 inch all vinyl doll

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The Zelia Doll
Hearts For Hearts Girls

Zelia is a cheerful ten year old living on a coffee farm in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Every day, she does chores like feeding the animals, collecting eggs, and gathering firewood. At harvest time, she helps the coffee workers pick beans and place them to dry in the sun.

At school, Zelia learns that rain forests are “the lungs of the world.” She discovers how important Brazil’s forests are for millions of birds and animals (and people!) and that they’re disappearing way too fast. She wonders what one girl can possibly do to help the situation?

Then a man comes and talks to her class about ways to make coffee farms better for the environment. Zelia cannot wait to share what she’s learned with her parents! Her dream is to plant new trees on their farm and help rebuild the forests. Zelia knows every seed she plants is more than a tree. It’s the love she feels for her country and the world.

Read her story and visit hearts4heartsgirls.com to learn how you can help girls like Zelia.

An assortment of 14″ multi-cultural dolls representing girls from countries around the world. Each doll has a story included that tells how she is working to help improve her life and the lives of people in her community. Each doll has soft rooted hair and is dressed in fashions authentic to her country. Dolls come with book, hair comb and bracelet for girls to wear. There is a kid-safe website that let’s girls learn more about HFHG, read stories and play games. A portion of the sale price goes to World Vision, a charity that helps fund projects in each of the countries the dolls represent.

Suitable for ages 3+

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