Victoria, #500520
The Preppy World Collection
Approximately 17 inches

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Victoria, #500520
The Preppy World Collection

My name is Victoria and I am approximately 17 inches, have blue eyes and blonde hair. As you see I have many accessories and many clothes: shirt, dress with the stamping of a crown Preppy adorned with crystal stones and a tie in the hair, and to complete the look, cool territory shoes.

Victoria is a modern doll designed exclusively by The Preppy World & Endisa. Enjoy this beautiful doll with a soft body, and vinyl head and limbs. This beloved doll is made of high quality materials, in a traditional way in Spain.

ENDISA is a Spanish company created in 1969 by Laurentino SAIZ and Elvira JUAN. Like today, those days were difficult and Endisa decided to develop along with their range of kids’ bedroom lights a unique doll collection. All through the years, Elvira’s constant creativity has permitted to consolidate the image of ENDISA Company. Nowadays trends have changed and ENDISA has moved forwards too, creating the successful “THE PREPPY WORLD”

ENDISA is offering up market products inspired by fashion tendencies as well as urban styles such as style very popular among youngsters. The Preppy World have become the best sellers of our collection. These handcrafted dolls are made with great care and quality and we intend to carry on that way! We are already working on different attractive new lines that we will be proud to present you soon!

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 12 × 7 in


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