Velvet Deco


Velvet Deco Dreams Cissy
Cissy Couture – Madame Alexander
Doll Size: 21″ – Dressed Doll

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Velvet Deco Dreams Cissy
Cissy Couture – Madame Alexander

Recognized as a true fashion icon, Cissy now has ten points of articulation and hard plastic bodies. Cissy comes with an extra wig and hat box.

Velvet Deco Dreams Cissy has jet-black hair with royal blue highlights and lavender eyes.

She projects a flare for the dramatic in an Erte-inspired brown velvet kimono over a fitted turquoise dress with just a hint of sparkle and an obi inspired belt. Her ensemble is finished with a beaded necklace, bracelet, earrings, brown platform heels.

She comes with an extra auburn wig.

Limited Edition – 200

The tradition of Madame Alexander Continues… The Alexander Doll Company continues to create dolls to delight new generations of doll lovers while honoring Madame Alexander’s original vision and standards. Our signature collectibles like 8″ Wendy and Maggie continue to be designed with those special details and accessories that have been the hallmark of the Madame Alexander brand since 1923. Our newest collections combine classic and contemporary characters with quality materials to create dolls that reflect the ultimate in beauty and design excellence.

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