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Susette & Franz

Susette & Franz

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Annette Herrmann Originals

Size: 28″

Dressed Doll – LE 5

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1 in stock

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Susette awoke to a beautiful warm and breezy summer morning. After the birthday party the night before for her little brother Franz, she knew what was in store for her today. For you see, Franz received a brand new kite for his birthday from papa. He was so excited when he saw the present; he’d surely want to go to the park today to fly it. Susette is 28 inches tall, has blonde human hair, and blue hand blown glass eyes. She is wearing a beautiful antique lace and silk dress, leather shoes and silk socks. She has antique style earrings and necklace. Franz is an antique repro boy “Whistler” and the kite is artist designed and hand made. Susette is limited to only 5 copies worldwide.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 13 × 12 in




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