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Rapunzel Cloth

Rapunzel Cloth


Rapunzel Cloth
2011 Storyland Collection
Approx. Size: 18″ – Dressed Cloth Doll

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Rapunzel Cloth
Storyland Collection

Usually, letting down your hair means relaxing and letting go but in Rapunzel’s case, it literally means sticking her head out the tower window and letting her long blonde braid down so it can be used as a ladder.

Now how unique is that? Very, but would you expect anything else from this lovely, 18-inch cloth doll?

She who has blue eyes and a center-parted, gay gold yarn, floor length braid that’s decorated with a ladder of pink bows? She’s wearing an over-dress of blue satin that has long puffed sleeves and is trimmed with pink picot. A pink, multi-colored jacquard bodice and under-skirt are beneath the blue satin and add a princess pretty dimension to the dress. A white ruffle embellishes both the neckline and the under-sleeve while fuchsia bows and white picot trim enhance the over-sleeve.

Purple satin slippers, attached to her feet, completes Rapunzel who is more than ready to let down her hair and get the heck out of that tower.

Recommended for 14 years+

Love is in the details…

All dolls created by the Alexander Doll Company are heirs to the perfectionism of Madame Alexander’s original vision that, “Love is in the details.” The Alexander Doll Company continues to uphold her standards of impeccable quality, ensuring that all dolls manufactured under our care receive hands-on attention and meticulous scrutiny every step of the way. Our quality control is testament to the skill of our employees and the high regard we have for Madame’s legacy.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 10 × 8 in


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