The Nyesha Doll from New York City
Hearts For Hearts Girls
14 inch all vinyl doll

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The Nyesha Doll
Hearts For Hearts Girls

Nyesha is a cheerful ten year old living in Harlem, in New York City. She loves the mix of people, cultures, and food that make up her neighborhood. Her family is a mix, too: Daddy comes from Mexico and Mama is African-American. So sometimes they have tamales for dinner, and other times they have spicy chicken stew! Her parents are both wonderful cooks.

But there was a time when work was hard to get and food was scarce. When school was closed, the family walked miles to the nearest soup kitchen and stood in line for something to eat. Food was all Nyesha could think if, even in her dreams.

One night, she dreamed about a bright yellow truck with red letters on it, full of delicious food that her parents cooked and sold to customers. Her dream inspired her parents to change their lives…

Read her story and visit hearts4heartsgirls.com to learn how you can help girls like Nyesha.

An assortment of 14″ multi-cultural dolls representing girls from countries around the world. Each doll has a story included that tells how she is working to help improve her life and the lives of people in her community. Each doll has soft rooted hair and is dressed in fashions authentic to her country. Dolls come with book, hair comb and bracelet for girls to wear. There is a kid-safe website that let’s girls learn more about HFHG, read stories and play games. A portion of the sale price goes to World Vision, a charity that helps fund projects in each of the countries the dolls represent.

Suitable for ages 3+

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