Minette Fanny


Minette, Fanny
By: Sylvia Natterer for Petitcollin
10.6″ Vinyl/Cloth Doll

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Fanny, Minette
By: Sylvia Natterer for Petitcollin

Minette Fanny is new for 2017.

Little Fanny is 10.6 inches with a soft cotton body filled with a new polyester filling and a few pellets in her bottom for weight. She has phthalate free limbs and head. She has a hand painted face and brown painted eyes.

Minette Fanny wears a sweet little dress set that consists of a pink, white and green floral dress, ivory tights and matching hat with a floral bow.

Fanny is perfect for children from 18 months old to carry and cradle in their arms.

Founded in 1860, the Petitcollin company has been designing and manufacturing dolls and baby dolls for more than century. Their unique knowledge is renowned all over the world. Petitcollin dolls and baby dolls are manufactured, decorated and dressed with great care to delight both little children and their parents.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 6 in


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