Meg’s Wedding


Meg’s Summer Wedding
Madame Alexander
2013 Americana, Little Women
Approx. Size: 8″ – Dressed Doll

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Meg’s Summer Wedding
Americana Collection, Little Women

The March family is thrilled about Meg’s Summer Wedding.

The bride, an 8-inch fully-articulated Wendy, with green eyes and center-parted, brunette hair that’s styled into a low bun in back and has braids that frame her face, is ecstatic. And why wouldn’t she be, she’s dressed in a lovely Victorian style gown that features a white cotton bodice with short puffed sleeves and a full skirt comprised of three tiers of organdy ruffles. The neckline is trimmed with white Venice lace and small beads. The same lace is used to trim the sides of the bodice and small white bead ‘buttons’ down the center front add a sweet touch to the wedding gown that’s accompanied by a white organdy veil, which is decorated with small, white satin flowers.

A white organdy petticoat, white pantaloons, white stockings and white, high button boots completes this portrait of a beautiful bride.

She’ll walk down the aisle carrying a bouquet of white satin flowers to the admiration of all who attend Meg’s Summer Wedding.

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