Hello Mellow


Hello Mellow – Basic Doll
Phyn & Aero – Annora Collection
16″ Vinyl / Hard Plastic Jointed Doll

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Hello Mellow – Basic Doll
Phyn & Aero – Annora Collection

Vinyl and hard plastic doll comes on the RTB-101 body – doll stands 16″ tall
Blush stretch lace onesie
Blush pleather sandals
Black acrylic wig
Auburn acrylic wig
Sky blue eyes
Cameo skin-tone
Acrylic stand
LE 250

Oh, Hello! Annora here. I just received my new camera—I t does all kinds of strange things—I’ll get into that later—but one thing it can do really well is take a selfie. I kind of mocked up a tripod and put the camera on a timer—and this is what I got!

What am I wearing? Oh—it’s my new rose blush stretch onesie—love these things—it’s a basic, but I think it’s more than that. The shoes are a pair of strappy pleather sandals that I picked up in a new little store just right outside of town. I thought I’d try my black wig with it and I really like it, but then I just had to try on my other wig which is longer and auburn. I can’t decide—you may have to help!

So, I got all carried away and even did my makeup for the shot. I’m using a barely blush lip paint and I did a bit of smokey shadow to show off my blue eyes! Still debating on the wig. I love my cameo skin tone, but I can look washed out so I’ll have to think about that wig color!

Acrylic stand included.

Doll shown is a prototype may change during production.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 8 in


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