Forrest, Bear


Forrest the Bear
Kaycee Bears
15″ Collectible Bear

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Forrest the Bear
Kaycee Bears

Forrest the Bear is by Kaycee Bears and he is an adorable 15 inch teddy bear that is fully jointed and made from a beautiful forest green and tan plush fur that is super soft. He is weighted and so cuddly!

Forrest the Bear has 100% tan cashmere paws and as with all Kaycee animals, he has a crystal in his left paw. His eyes are made of glass and hand crafted in the UK.

Forrest is completely handmade with love and care in England.

He is from a Limited Edition of only 40 pieces worldwide.

Welcome to the world of Kaycee Bears where you will find handmade teddy bears which are exclusively designed and hand crafted here in the UK.

A Note from the Artist:
Let me introduce myself, I’m Kelsey I have been making handmade teddy bears for around 25 years when I decided to launch my bears as a brand, and Kaycee Bears™ was born. I have created and designed by hand all the bears in the collection, then I and my talented and dedicated team with whom I work very closely, make and hand sculpt every bear.

The materials we use are all carefully chosen by me, and of the finest quality mohair and faux fur, cashmere is used for foot pads and the glass eyes are hand crafted here in England. As a finishing touch to a Kaycee Bear we place a crystal in the foot pad of each bear that is born. ~Kelsey

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Dimensions 18 × 9 × 6 in


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