2018 Charlie Bears Bearhouse Collection
Non-jointed, hand finished, machine washable

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2018 Bearhouse Collection

Charlie Bears have created this range of very cuddly non jointed teddies called Bearhouse Bears, that are perfect as everyday playmates and companions for children over 18 months. The Bearhouse Animals are made from high quality plush furs and filled with non allergenic poly fiber and polyester pellets to add weight and poseabilty to these delightful characters.

Dringle is a 12″ non jointed plush sloth from the Charlie Bears 2018 Bearhouse Bears Collection designed by Isabelle Lee.

A Sloth is one of the slowest moving animals in the world, as they don’t have much energy because they only eat leaves. Dingle, the Bearhouse Sloth is really adorable, with his thick fur and dopey expression and he will be happy lazing about all day. He has 3 claw-like toes on each paw, so will be able to hold on tight to you and snuggle down while he sleeps…… which is a lot!! He also wears a satin and organza ribbon.

The Bearhouse animals are a more functional type of Charlie bear plush, cuddly and washable bears to consider for active places. They are beautifully constructed with lovely soft fabrics.

Charlie Bear enthusiasts will also find them appealing and will want to add them to their collections as like all Charlie Bears this new range certainly are Bears with Personalities and each one has his or her own unique appeal.

Machine washable with warm water (<100 degrees) on gentle cycle.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 11 × 9 in


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