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American Beauty

American Beauty


American Beauty
Phyn & Aero – Annora Collection
16″ Vinyl / Hard Plastic Jointed Doll

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2 in stock

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American Beauty
Phyn & Aero – Annora Collection

Vinyl and hard plastic doll comes on the RTB-101 body – doll stands 16″ tall
Red lace dress
Red flower hat
Nude pantyhose
Red faux suede shoes
Red crystal necklace
Dramatic makeup
Hazel eyes
Jet black hair
Acrylic stand
LE 200

It just stuck in my mind—the whole story about my Aunt’s favorite dress in her favorite color. It was a red—no, not just red but the color of a rose. I think she called it an American Beauty Rose. It’s a true deep rich red—so much more than just red. So, I begged her to show me the dress she was talking about. Turns out she wore it to a movie premiere—one of the only movies she was ever in.

Anyway, I loved the dress—and she gave it to me! It’s this triple tier pleated lace dress with long sleeves and a high jewel neck. She said it was unusual for the period—everyone was wearing strapless—but she was a standout. I tried on the entire outfit she wore—the dress, the red pumps, the red crystal necklace and my favorite thing—the oversized flower worn as a hat. Guess what? Everything fit perfectly. Dad did get me into the opening of the Costume Exhibit at the Museum—so now I’ll have something to wear. I was even thinking about red stockings, but the outfit already comes with nude hose. She did tell me that at one time, she had a cape that went with the outfit, but she said she’d have to look for it. I have to say, just putting this on, made me feel like a real American Beauty myself!
American Beauty is a dressed doll and an acrylic stand is included.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 8 in


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