Alyssa – Charlie Plush Collection
2019 Folklores and Fables Collection
Size: 11 inches

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Alyssa – Charlie Plush Collection
2019 Folklores and Fables Collection

Wobble Jointed bears have always held a special place in Charlie’s heart ever since the first one (Toby) was created in the original 12 bears which launched Charlie’s brand into the marketplace. The fragility of these little ones is what captures Charlie’s heart and the need to carefully cuddle them as they feel preloved are really special to her. So this year Charlie has created 3 new little ones, all of which feature our wobble jointing design, Alyssa, Billie and Levi. Alyssa the teal and cream coloured panda (Charlie’s favourite bear) was the first to be designed and when held has exactly the feel that Charlie adores. Kitten weight is one of Charlie’s favourite features too, so it is easy to see that this could possibly be one of Charlie’s most perfect bears! Tiny bright eyes have been added to give Alyssa a soulful expression and sculptured paw pads have been added to her tiny paws. As many of our collectors know, Charlie never admits to having a favourite bear but I think this one and her two beary friends Levi and Billie will most certainly slip into Charlie’s private hug at home! Alyssa has been created using synthetic plush fabrics, she has been fully tested to meet all relevant toy safety standards in the USA, Europe and Australia and is recommended for collectors aged 3 years and above.

Designed by Alison Mills and Charlie Bears
Plush Collection – 11″
5 Way Jointed / Surface Wash with Care
Not suitable for children under 6 years of age.

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Dimensions 13 × 13 × 8 in


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