Hildegard Gunzel Dolls

Anyone who has been observing the art scene during the last year years will recognize that it is increasingly turning to the art of eras long past. In particular, the works of the great artists of the Renaissance are enjoying especial popularity. Beyond the mere imitation of nature it had been the endeavor of many artists of that time to exceed even the beauty of nature.

The interpretation of art was totally new at that time ""He resembled a man who had been awoken too early in the darkness while all the others were still asleep". wrote Sigmund Freud about Leonardo da Vinci. For Leonardo da Vinci all awareness began with the senses. Through them the artist perceives his environment.

All the feelings, thoughts and emotions of the preceding year have exerted an influence on these creations. Therefore I am grateful that Karin Schrey, who not only is a doll expert and acknowledged author, but also, as I may add, a longstanding observer and admirer of my dolls has again this year found exactly the right words to characterize my doll sculpture and doll children.

With the best wishes for an exciting doll year.

Yours sincerely, Hildegard Gunzel.






2013 Wax over Porcelain - Egérie


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